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BIG BEAUTIFUL, the brand new album from Just Like Humans - 60 minutes
of original compositions featuring
"Cloud of Consciousness" and "On Leprous Hearts and Shaded Souls",
lyrics and vocals by Patrick Sporrer

1. Welcome (Overture) 4:15
2. Bleed Out 4:08
3. On Leprous Hearts And Shaded Souls 4:14 - featuring Patrick Sporrer
4. Big Beautiful 6:34
5. Your Own Universe 4:43
6. Hypnotic 5:00
7. We Are Always 4:43
8. I Might Be Here (Love Theme) 4:24
9. Cloud of Consciousness 4:35 - featuring Patrick Sporrer
10. Time to Blackout 3:32
11. Embedded 5:18
12. Never Wanna Feel 4:58
13. Naked (End Title) 4:04

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Just Like Humans is electronic retro future soundtrack composed of two members: a Human and a Computer.

Kevin Hartmann, the human, took guitar lessons, and sang in choirs as well as in a Depeche Mode tribute band and acted in stage plays. Kevin still can't read music. Patrick Sporrer is featured on the June 30, 2015 album, Big Beautiful, with lyrics and vocals on Cloud of Consciousness and On Leprous Hearts and Shaded Souls.


The computer is a 15" MacBook Pro.


Featured Vocalist, Songwriter / Patrick Sporrer
Music, Programming / Kevin Hartmann



Like Humans - Just Like Humans Electronic Artist Review 2013 from Pop, Rinse, Repeat

Are you tired of just reminiscing about how great Kraftwerk and Nitzer Ebb were and want to hear something that takes that feeling but modernizes it?  Electronic artist Just Like Humans is a project created by San Diego producer, Kevin Hartmann that taps into his musical roots based in early 70s and 80s electro and creates something that is familiar but new at the same time. It is an easy fit into the Retro Future movement that is happening right now and will make any Gen Xer electro fan the happiest person you've seen them in a while.

The EDM scene right now is so full of people that go out and purchase some software and cobble a couple of not so great tracks together but it still takes a massive amount of talent to use that software and use it well. This album isn't just a rehash of things you've heard before and it's not all loops and samples, it's a carefully crafted album that when you sit down and listen to the tracks, you get a fully realized concept that has a bit of edge to it and in some places; a bit of darkness and unease. Not super creepy but enough to think that this maybe the music that Skynet enjoys listening to. I think that Just Like Humans is one of the more inventive groups that have come on the scene and I'm super happy to have found them.

This album is fantastic. There isn't a track on it that's not put together well and exceptionally thought out. It's music like this that inspires me and makes me realize how important music is and how even electro has the ability to generate emotions and feelings when it's done well. It can paint pictures and it can make you remember things or daydream. For example, "Individual Throttle Bodies", a song that I didn't even see the name of until after my first listen made me think of this super cool car chase scene but in a sci-fi movie in the 80s. Let's go back and add a hyperreal chase to Blade Runner with this as the soundtrack.

Go follow him on the various social media outlets listed. And more than anything, support indie artists because they are the ones that are actually scoring our dreams. - Wes LuAllen

Pop, Rinse, Repeat December 2013

Just Like Humans is a mixture of do-it-yourself home simple electronic music keyboarding, fresh digital sound manipulation and 90s dance music trends. Throw in a bit of thinly disguised thematic and bouncy could-be movie soundtrack bits and you have Just Like Humans, an engaging debut.

– Music Unit XR2

Electronic musician Just Like Humans is, according to the official music website, a band of two - a computer and a human, the human named Kevin Hartmann. 

How would you describe the sounds of Just Like Humans? It’s an interesting name and it conjures up anything but natural, just-like-human sounds.

Just Like Humans was one of the many ideas for names I had and one that my husband picked out of the list I emailed him. It ended up being my favorite and the name clicked with what I was already writing. I didn’t intend the name to be a tongue-in-cheek moniker that would require any of the music, now or later, to be of a particular style.

Musicians aren’t always good at describing their own music, especially in the electronic realm. I can’t just say it’s “different” because it is and is not. There’s always those that rely on the “music speaks for itself” nomenclature or similar answer and to a degree that’s certainly true. It’s an insane argument in the community, what styles are what, who’s doing what, who stole it from whom…. If you look at forums on electronica it’s madness, like East Coast vs West Coast, even Euro jumps in the fights. I stay away from it!

I attempted different styles within each track; quite possibly I’m not successful at any of them. Yet I buried some Italo disco beats in there, some ambient tweaked soundscapes, as well as darkwave, hip hop and synth pop. Even so, I’m not sure anyone would be able to find these! ‘I think the music will speak for itself', haha.

What have been your influences? Your bio says 80s electronica. Did you find yourself trying to emulate anyone in particular here?

I’ve always been influenced by orchestral movie soundtracks; I actually went into this project with some structured melodies that I imagined could be used for a film, melodies that I’d find myself singing in the car on the drive home or something. Intentionally I wanted a few tracks here of the dance genre; however I don’t see them being played in clubs, that was never the goal. Most have elements you think may build to something trendy and big sounding, but then I let you down and go back to my soundtrack-y thing and change the idea of the song. I really just wanted to make a record that I would want to listen to and find interesting.

So many artists immediately do remixes and in fact you’d often not know the original song because these are released first and become more popular. Is this a point of contention with you?

Well so far I’ve no experience with that—no dealings or requirements from labels that made me do anything that I’d not want released! But I certainly understand your question.

For sure there’ll be some remixes in the coming year, yeah. I have to think really hard on which songs deserve and would lend themselves to new versions. I do like the idea of remixes if done right… I’m not a fan, in general, of a version that comes out of a producer which sounds nothing like the original, no trace of what the artist had in mind to begin with. But...that isn’t likely to happen here as at least of now I’ll be the one doing the mixes!

Is that something you enjoy doing, mixing up a song?

Yeah, yeah, I think so. I’ve very limited experience—I remixed my first album, to try my hand at it. It was freeing and restrictive at the same time: I enjoyed the flexibility of taking a song and changing the phrasing, finding a way to ‘make it longer just to make it longer’ ideal, and restrictive because I was too close to the work. I was frustrated in keeping the original sounds original.

What’s next?

Besides a holiday break and mixes for the singles in the new year, I’m advertising for a collaborator, a vocalist, on a new project for next year. I’ve written some decent demos, ideas, and lyrics but I’m not strong enough to do it all on my own. I’d like to put out a fun pop record—do it seriously yet for fun, see where it goes. After that, Just Like Humans will release another album probably in 2015. I’ve already recorded a few ideas into my phone for melodies. All while driving into work, of course!

The debut release from Just Like Humans was released in December 2013 in iTunes and other digital venues.

November 2013.

Very cool dynamics to these tracks...I really enjoy the slow build and washing pads for "Footwork and Wires" that punches out into a driving, dirty electro riff. Very cool tune with some imaginative use of synth sounds and sweeps. I dig it!


Just Like Humans is a refreshing look into electronic musical sounds: Not dance, not techno, not even experimental musical sound, but a unique presentation of ideas and love of the craft.

– Review Bot 574728512 mk. 6

This is some great music. Electric Mountain of Love is very catchy and fun to dance to!

Solar Kama Sutra

Great production, solid tracks, much talent!


Eclectic and mind blowing in my headphones!! Great job...


"An Older Code" intelligent, creative, compelling and overall simply awesome! Love it in LA.

Chuck Brunicardi

Enjoy what your doing Kevin...the mechanized approach is fitting for this day and age. Love the Vocoder work.